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Sharing Gmail

Gmail mailboxes can be shared with other users by delegating account access. Typical usages for this would be when you want someone to manage your emails while you’re on vacation, or providing access to a general purpose mailbox to several people. Google refers to this type of access as a delegated account.

Providing Access

The user owning the mailbox has to grant (and remove) access. The setting is located:

Gmail settings > Accounts and Import > Grant access to your account > Add another account

When providing access, you’ll need to decide on two options:

  • Mark as read – Should emails be marked as read when someone else opens them?
  • Sender information – Show who is responding on emails, or use the account name?

After granting access, the user receiving access has to accept an email invitation to monitor the delegated mailbox. Once the user has accepted the access invitation, it can take up to 30 minutes before the access is finally granted (available).

Accessing Delegated Mailbox

Once the user has permission to the delegated mailbox, they can access the mailbox from their account menu (upper right corner of the gmail window):

Gmail account icon > select delegated account

This will open a new tab with the delegated mailbox. The user can then perform email tasks as if it was their own account.

Revoking Access

The mailbox owner can revoke access. The setting is the same as granting access:

Gmail settings > Accounts and Import > Grant access to your account 

A list of users with account access will be listed. Simply remove accounts to revoke their access.

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